Things to do in Lebanon

You better make the most out of your stay in Lebanon when you are there for a week. Go to the Palm Islands Reserve as there are a lot of animals there like seals, turtles and migratory birds. It is highly doubtful you will be able to interact with them as much as you would like to. Besides, there are a lot of other people trying to do the same thing and that is to mingle with the animals. There are rules to be followed there though so better follow them if you don’t want to get humiliated and kicked out of the area. If you want to do long walking then go to Qadisha Valley for some nice hiking. The view from the top of it will definitely be worthy to be posted on social media so be sure to bring your camera for some unforgettable moments.


Besides, that is one thing you should definitely bring when you are a tourist. Better bring a big backpack and Stroll around the Khalil Gibran museum for a lesson in history about the country. It would be great to know what happened in the past in Lebanon because it really is a place full of history. For those with automotive adventure in them, go to the Cedars and hike to the peak of Cedar’s highest mountain. The cars here look so good that you would want to take them out for a ride. The view there will stay in your mind for a very long time. Order a glass of champagne at one of the city’s best night clubs. You have a lot of places to choose from and if you have the time then try them all in order to party with the locals. Their BangBros¬†drinks actually differ so you can try either Crystal or B018. Be remember to not get yourself to drunk or you might find yourself waking up the next morning in the middle of nowhere. This is not Las Vegas though so you should do some responsible partying. You should also respect the other people who came to party responsibly so better just have a glass or two if you know you have a low resistance in alcohol.

It would not be a trip without sampling their local food. Even though you did not like how they tasted, at least you tried right? For those who would always let curiosity get the best of them, why not take a stop at the Soap Museum? It is always nice to see how soap is made.


Besides, you will learn something new by just observing how they make soap. It is not that hard to make soap anyway as you just have to follow a few steps before making it. It won’t be long before you decide to start a soap business. For a long lunch that would satisfy your taste buds, hop over to Cafes du Bardouni, a string of restaurants along the Bardouni river. Whenever, there are a string of restaurants in front of you don’t miss out on taking advantage here as it will indeed be a grand opportunity to have a feast. Even if tourists rarely visit it, go to Tyre as the ancient ruins would make for a good photo opportunity. Don’t forget to visit the largest Roman POVD discount¬†hippodrome in the world. The sight of it alone will make you want to go inside. You are definitely not going to believe what you see and it is something you will tell your children and your children’s children.

The sight will make your jaw drop and you can’t blame yourself for that. Before embarking on this once in a lifetime road trip, be sure to rent a car that will let you go anywhere you would like. It is a good thing that is available in Beirut with Advanced Car Rental as it is one they do for a living but be sure to spend a day roaming around the market to shop for goods. It is what tourists usually do when they get there.